Why MS-QuietBoxesTM?

Inte-Gen’s  MS-QuietBoxTM II system offers a wide range of ventilated noise reduction solutions for all brands of Mass Spec vacuum pumps, laboratory gas generators and laboratory chillers.

The innovative design allows for installation with no need to shut the instrument down and multiple options for pipework access (where required) enables quick setup and easy access for maintenance. The unique flatpack construction is environmentally friendly, reducing shipping costs and can be assembled in 5 minutes with no need for tools. It also allows for service exchange panels should you require one.

Pipework Access

The design allows for 3 options for pipework access enabling quick setup and easy access for maintenance without the need for shutting the system down.

Heavy duty brushes close around the pipework to maintain minimal noise levels escaping from the pump enclosure.

Multi Directional Casters

Unlike our competitors who use standard casters, our oil trays feature five high load capacity high profile stainless steel multi directional casters. Each caster has its own dirt exit hole meaning no jamming or sticking.

Slide your pump in any direction with ease.

Oil Tray

Each "T" model comes with a sturdy powder coated oil tray with five mult-directional casters.

Flat-pack design

The unique flat-pack construction is environmentally friendly, reducing shipping costs and can be assembled in 5 minutes with no need for tools.

Digital Temperature Display

The MS-QuietBox II features a digital temperature display with a battery backup and audible/visual alarm.

Automatic Fans

Automatic thermal fans adjust speed to the ambient temperature. Designed to keep power consumption and noise levels at a minimum and deliver high performance cooling when required.

Fire Resistant

Our high density fire "0" rated foam is manufactured by impregnating standard foam with liquid carbon which is then dried leaving a fire resistant sound absorption material able to withstand various ignition sources.

This end product is fire resistant not fire retardant, the difference being that fire retardant foam will burn until the ignition source is removed, whereas our foam will not burn.

Viewing Window

Large sound insulated viewing window allows you to view instrument controls without opening the MS-QuietBox.

3 Years Warranty

In the unlikely event of a fan failure, the simple modular design allows for an exchange panel to be sent for replacement. First contact KRSS to request your replacement panel. Once a panel arrives simply disconnect the power cable. Swap the panels and return the original panel to KRSS.

Quieter working environment

MS-QuietBox II noise reduction system reduces GC/LC/MS noise by 15 dB(A) (75%).

Building Extraction Connector Kit (optional extra)

The MS-QuietBox building extraction kit is an ideal way of removing heat created by the gas generator into your building extraction system.

The accessory connects directly onto the MS-QuietBox and includes the 120mm diameter flexible pipe.

Intelligent Temperature Sensor and Alarm (optional extra)

Quick to configure and connect to your WIFI network, the intelligent sensor will send you an email should the pump temperature go above the pre-set limits.



ms-quietbox noise reduction enclosures for ms-noise

September 2018

New video available for MS-Quietbox for Pumps

Have you seen our video on the benfits of MS-Quietbox?


February 2017

Customised MS-QuietBoxes for any instrument

As we manufacture every part of the MS-Quietbox we can customise every aspect of the design to meet your requirements.

Customised MS-QuietBoxes can be made to measure for almost any instrument including water chillers, gas generators, pumps, ultrasonic baths, blowers, hydraulic pumps.

Contact us with your requirements and we can design a cost effective solution to your noise control problems.


June 2016

KRSS introduces the NEW MS-QuietBox for Gas Generators

KRSS MS-QuietBox for a wide range of leading manufacturers laboratory gas generators.

The innovative design allows for the noise insulation to be installed without shutting the instrument down.


November 2015

Intelligent Temperature Sensor

Intelligent Temperature Sensor (ITS) allows users to be emailed if the pumps exceed the set temperature.

November 2015

New Automatic Thermal Fans

All MS-QuietBox are now fitted with the latest automatic thermal fans.


November 2015

MSQB2-07 for Varian GCMS

New model specifically for Edwards E2M1.5 and Pfeiffer Duo 2.5 vacuum pumps.

November 2015

3 year fan warranty

Standard warranty on fans extended to three years.

April 2006

Noise Regulations 2005 came into force

Control of Noise at Work Regulations 2005 replace the Noise at Work Regulations 1989.

Loud noise at work can damage your hearing. The Noise Regulations 2005 requires employers to prevent or reduce risks to health and safety from exposure to noise at work. Employees have duties under the Regulations too.